Thank you Katy for hosting this month – Angus is such a great dog (black labradoodle, filled with spunk; my dogs appreciate me bringing home dog smell for them).

We also had the chance to meet Camden, Jill’s third son; he is just 4 weeks old and a welcome addition to our group. So sweet and precious.

Linda – we missed you this month. We will have to discuss Pride and Prejudice with you in Feb (our resident Jane Austin expert).

Robyn – We are happy you were able to join us and we hope to see you next month.

This month we selected the classic Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austin. This was the first reading for two of us, most of the members have read Pride and Prejudice at least three times. We discussed our amazement that this novel was written in 1813 and is still relevant almost 200 years later.

Other items: We also discussed memoirs and decided to table this selection for another month. We can’t seem to find a book peeking everyone’s interest. We also discussed ‘Waiting for Daisy’ and might consider this as a selection.

Our April selection is ‘Getting Rid of Matthew’, written by Jane Fallon. This story is told from the mistresses’ voice – quite entertaining.

Next month we are reading Tomato Girl and discussing the book with Jayne Pupek. I will reach out to everyone to collect questions about 10 days before book club.
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