I have read a few books this year that I haven't had a chance to review, two books I wasn't able to finish and two classics that I really enjoyed. Have you read any of these books?  Did you enjoy them?

The Night Circus: I tried... really tried to finish this one.  After two weeks any making it less than half way through I have put it down.  Most loved it... did you?  If yes, should I finish it?

Attachments: IT guy reads emails between two co-workers and falls in love with one of them. After reading half of this book I lost interest and skimmed the rest to find out what happened.  It's getting 4 1/2 stars on BN.COM, so you might enjoy it. 

Lady Chatterley's Lover (Lawrence): Published in 1928 and banned in England and the United States as pornographic (tame by today’s standards). The power of love and obligation... I really enjoyed this book and am glad I read it.

Onegin (Pushkin): Onegin was published decades before Anna K, I wonder if Pushkin was an influence for Tolstoy.  I recommend the book, or at least watch the movie... It's a great story.
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