My happiness plan is listed to the right... but remember it's not about the pressure to blog about 'creating happiness', it's the doing that counts.  Jump in anytime, with an email reply, comment or write your own post.

Just a quick update this week since I launched this four days ago (click here for details).

My list is 100% achievable if I focus on work/life balance. I hope I'm successful (or mostly successful).

Last week: I created happy by taking time to feed a friendship I value. We EACH drove about three hours, in the rain, for pancakes and a walk. How great is that!

This week: I'm planning to meet with a new friend and would like to pick the classic I want to read.  There are so many books to choose from and I don't have a list of must reads... do you have a recommendation for me?

Set a fitness goal: It's mighty... but you expect nothing less from me right?  In June I will be hiking 58-60 miles over nine days.  Sounds doable right?  Add in the summit elevation of 19,340, and we are taking a long route with higher difficulty.  The rationale behind this... the elevation is more gradual which means there is a higher success rate to reach the summit.

I can't train for how my body will react to the altitude but I can ramp my mileage to 60 miles/week by June.  I have been averaging about 30 miles a week this year.

March goal: 40+ miles a week
April: 50+
May: close in on two 60+ weeks then taper

A few people of expressed interest in my 100 day bikini happiness challenge.  If you are writing about self improvement, goals, choosing happy... please share your link.

Writing about choosing happy isn't enough, you have to put forth the effort to make happy happen. YOU deserve it! :)

Good luck this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 
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