I have learned that you need to make an effort to be truly happy.  Choosing to create a happy life vs being happy in the moment.

Happiness has a snowball effect.

After a few months choosing happy, and putting in the work to make it happen, I'm seeing a shift with family and friends. THEY are changing!  Just last night a friend told me that she told someone "not to spend emotional energy on something they can't control". That's my tagline!

Reducing the daily chaos is tough yet we create 90% of it. Getting too involved in a family/friend matter, the pressure to start a garden from seed, worrying about our finances yet claiming we can't be happy without ____, etc...

100 Day Happiness Challenge

There should be a fifth season, one just for women: winter, bikini readiness, spring, summer, and fall.

The timing of this exchange is perfect! My friend is leaving tomorrow for the beach, not sure how much change can happen today... I'm seeing 100 day fitness challenge postings all over, "be bikini ready".

Don't get me wrong, fitness challenges are awesome - I'm a workout junkie.  I just prefer adventure to a bikini - heck...  I run from bikinis!  So today I'm kicking off a 100 day happiness challenge.

There's a thread of happiness in this list of nine.  Focusing on daily awareness (including fitness), creating new experiences, and making the world a little better.

Today I can tell you my plans for three of the nine:
LEARN: increase my french vocabulary by 100 words
FITNESS: go for a walk EVERY day, short of long... get outside rain or snow, sun or wind
PLANT: prepare and plant the garden (my second year, lots to learn!).

Cheer me on with a comment ~ or better yet, join me!

Use my list of nine, or write your own list. It's not about nine, three, or twenty will do.  Focus on yourself, look 100 days out and strive to be a little happier (and more content).

I will post updates on Tuesday's, including a link list (for those interested).  If you don't blog, keep your emails coming.  I enjoy our email exchanges!

Life, it's happening!
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