Let me tell you about Kate.  She's a friend, wife, mother, juggling a career, volunteering.  The kind of person you want in your life.  

A life long dieter, Kate lost 50-60 pounds, she felt lighter and happier.  A few months later her mother died. Overcome with sadness and depression she gained the weight back.

Over the next year Kate's journey freed her from her vanity struggles, the depression melted away and her smile/laughter slowly returned. It was amazing to watch her transform and her confidence return after deciding to focus on what's important. 

The next summer she wore a bikini to the public pool.  I will never forget her telling me, "I'm tired of feeling like I HAVE to cover up.  I've always wanted to wear a two piece... so I'm doing it".  Something about her had changed, she was alive.

I LOVE seeing her in a two piece, with a magazine, laughing.  She makes me put my insecurities to the side. THIS is the kind of bikini I want to wear.  Kate inspires me to focus on what really matters.

Starve your ego, feed your soul...

Last week:  I ran/walked 41 miles (it was much harder than I thought it would be).  I also met up with a friend for a midday latte, and I read two books.  

Garden: I bought sunflower, lettuce, and snap pea seeds.  Now to research when to plant them for a late spring harvest. Tomatoes, Cucumbers etc... will be planted late May.  

New 'to me': I bought this ugly fruit at my local grocery store last week.  It's a cross Orange/Tangerine... the size of a grapefruit, seedless, and expensive. I paid $4USD for one.  I decided to squeeze it and was surprised to have only 1/4 cup juice to enjoy. 

Dekopan: 30 years in the making, it's one of the most prized citrus fruit in Japan and Korea.   Now this legendary fruit, which is called Dekopon in Japan and Hallabong in Korea, is finally available for the enjoyment of consumers here in America.  Click here to learn more... 

This week:  My BFF from high school is coming for a visit ~ whoop! I will be on a reality break from Thursday - Sunday afternoon.  

We have a day trip into the city planned and possibly a trip to one of my favorite haunts: Bucks County, or Sleepy Hallow.  We also have a dozen guys coming Thursday night for virtual golf tournament... it's going to be a 'crazy fun' weekend here. 

I decided to read The Great Gatsby after Nancy emailed to let me know it's being made into a movie.  Perfect timing. I haven't read it and it's also one of her favorite's. Thank you Nancy! 

Writing about choosing happy isn't enough, you have to put forth the effort to make happy happen. YOU deserve it! :)

Good luck this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 
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