In the late 90's I met a gal who honestly smiled ALL the time... so much that I noticed it.  The gal looked just like Olive Oil (from Popeye), with a big smile and a lightness to her.

I thought to myself 'I should try that!'

I started smiling at cashiers, wishing them a great day etc... then getting the courage to embrace this approach with everyone I interact with, guess what?  This was a life changer.  I was no longer plodding through the daily activities of life but engaging with people.

Some people get confused by a kind gesture as small as a smile. Others smile back.

My favorite person to smile at is a cashier, following  up with a few small words.  It seems so unexpected that someone is nice to them and they tend to look up with an odd expression.  A delayed smile.

Yesterday while walking with a neighbor, we passed a woman about 70 - I smiled, made small conversation with her (wishing her a nice walk on a lovely day)... she was thrilled.  

Smiling is a learned behavior, you can do it!

My 100 day happiness challenge: I'm making good progress, with only three items left on my list.  I have had to take a break from french, a life balance decision.  After my work project launches May 1 I hope to start up again.  I REALLY want to learn 100 words and start talking/watching movies without relying on subtitles.

Did you see my post last week where I planned a dinner party?

Try three new fruits/veggies
Read a classic
Plant my garden
Volunteer or do a good deed
Make a new experience happen
Experiment in the kitchen

Learn something new: French
See a foreign film: You would think this would be easy, I have two movies on my ipad... I just need to find time to sit and read a movie.
Set a fitness goal: 30 miles a week and one week in April 50 miles, one week in May 60 miles.

- Last week I logged 52 miles meeting my April training goal
- On May 5 I'm running a half marathon with some friends in Minnesota.  I'm planning to clock my 60 miles that week since Sunday will have 13 miles... do you think I'm cheating with this just start? ;)

How are you doing with your happiness project?  Remember it's more important to create happy than blog about it! When you do blog about it, please leave a comment with a link so others can visit and be inspired.

Try something new this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 
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