This week I had the opportunity to help a photographer friend, taking several natural photos with the theme 'faces/portrait' for a project.  

I can't share the photos yet but do have a few candid snapshots worth sharing. 

Memories.... when I was a little girl I was on a magazine cover and billboards throughout Minnesota. I need to dig up the billboard photo!

I'm going home this weekend and know my Dad has it hanging on the wall.  Funny story behind the photo... a story for another day but one I promise to share.  

My 100 day happiness challenge: I'm making good progress, with only three items left on my list.  I have had to take a break from french, a life balance decision.  I REALLY want to learn 100 words and start talking/watching movies without relying on subtitles.

Try three new fruits/veggies
Read a classic
Plant my garden
Volunteer or do a good deed
Experiment in the kitchen
Make a new experience happen: I'm hoping this is covered by doing this challenge since I have grown as a person. My family has actually changed because of this 100 day happiness challenge.  Completely unexpected, I wish I did this a decade ago!

If 'new experience' means do things you don't normally do... here are a few of my favorites:
1) taking a leap of faith when someone posted a comment on my blog... jumping from stranger to friend instantly. 
2) driving three hours in the rain to have pancakes with a friend (embracing the elements)
3) coordinating an author event! (good deed, building a new skill set)
4) 'modeling' for a photographer

Learn something new: French
See a foreign film: With two three hour flights this week, I will finally cross this off this week!
Set a fitness goal: 30 miles a week, one week in May 60 miles.

- I logged 141 miles in April | 577 miles YTD | 1,957 miles in the last twelve months
- On May 5 I'm running a half marathon with some friends in Minnesota.  

How are you doing with your happiness project?  Remember it's more important to create happy than blog about it! When you do blog about it, please leave a comment with a link so others can visit and be inspired.

Try something new this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 
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