I took this photo just before announcing my happiness project. Unplanned, I stepped out of my car after driving to meet a friend. She was standing next to me when I said I have to snap a photo of my wellies, and it's from the same day as the photo on the banner. Good FUN!

I love it when I log into pinterest and amazing quotes just happen to be there for me to read. I heart this phrase... it's so true.

Fitness: Last week was my lowest mileage since last fall, 20 miles.  With our son in town for only three days I spent every minute with him... it was an amazing weekend.

What did I just do?!  I dropped AWP off at the airport and on the way home I signed up for a half marathon... in 27 days.  I will be in Minneapolis May 2-5 to see my family, and have a few friends running the event so I decided to join them.  I haven't run longer than 4 miles in a year  so this will not be easy.  I usually run 3-4 and walk the rest as part of my 'be outside' commitment to myself.  Wish this crazy gal good luck!

The list: this week I updated good deed and new experience.

Try three new fruits/veggies: Dekopon (Korea/Japan), White Dragon Fruit (Vietnam), and Cherimoya (Andes)

Read a classic: The Great Gatsby
Plant my garden: Seedlings are ready to be transferred to the garden, I plan to do this today.  We are on our way, fingers crossed for a harvest late May (Lettuce & beans).  Cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs etc... will be planted late May for Aug/Sept harvest.

Volunteer or do a good deed: Finally defined, I have a plan, and feel comfortable talking about it. A few months ago I offered to help an author plan/organize a book reading/signing in NJ if she would like to add a day to her east coast tour.  As of last Friday... we have a date, venue, and are finalizing details.  I'm not an event planner so this is a big deal for me personally.  Details to follow on the author event (it deserves it's own post once everything is finalized).  WHOOP!

Make a new experience happen: I'm hoping this is covered by doing this challenge since I have grown as a person. My family has actually changed because of this 100 day happiness challenge.  Completely unexpected, I wish I did this a decade ago!

If 'new experience' means do things you don't normally do... here are a few of my favorites:

1) taking a leap of faith when a blogger posted a comment on my blog... jumping from stranger to friend instantly.  She just happens to live 40 minutes away so we have met a few times. (being spontaneous, which I am NOT)
2) driving three hours in the rain to have pancakes with a friend (embracing the elements)
3) coordinating an author event! (good deed, building a new skill set)

My 'official' new experience will happen on July 4th but getting there is 80% of the experience... Mount Kilimanjaro

Experiment in the kitchen: I have baked a new recipe every week, right now I'm making the lavender infused sugar I mentioned a few weeks ago.  It will be ready on Saturday. I enjoyed the banana ginger bread so much that I can't wait to make it again... when the banana's turn.

Learn something new: French

See a foreign film: I have two movies on my ipad, ready to watch.  If you enjoy watching foreign films you have probably mastered the skill of watching, reading, and enjoying. I love this part, reading the subtitles, hearing a different language on screen but it's definitely a learned appreciation.

Set a fitness goal: My goal is to run/walk 60 miles in one week (by the end of May). I'm currently up to 40 miles a week, but made an adjustment last week. My March goal was too aggressive and the pressure to log mileage actually made this a chore (40 miles a week, every week). Revised goal: 30 miles a week and one week in April 50 miles, one week in May 60 miles.

How are you doing with your happiness project?  Remember it's more important to create happy than blog about it! When you do blog about it, please leave a comment with a link so others can visit and be inspired.

Try something new this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 
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