Happiness: a dinner party

in , by mpartyka, April 13, 2013
If you live somewhere with four seasons I'm sure you have been teased with warmth one day and something less than ideal the next.  Last week we had 80 degrees for two days, followed by 50 and rain.  Today it's going to be 65 and sunny!  Bonus... no wind.  I have a nine mile run planned and hope to finish the book I started two weeks ago.

Dreamy dinner parties: I have been daydreaming for months, planning a summer dinner party with candles, wine, flowers, good food... and dessert!

With the power of pinterest and a good imagination I have been thinking about the people who might come to one of my dreamy dinner parties.

Would you come?

I'm dreaming of a casual mid-afternoon get together on a warm sunny day, 75 degrees, no wind, flowers in bloom, candles, and music that can be heard only when the talking drops to a lull.

light appetizers
rhubarb pomegranate cobbler for dessert

Special guests would include an icon from yesteryear, celebrity and an author:

Audrey Hepburn
Jennifer Aniston
Maya Angelou

I think that would make for a good mix, amazing conversation... it would be a magical celebration of life!

I'm already planning my next dreamy social event which includes a musician, journalist and a photographer/decorator.
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