2013 has been a good year.  My heart is full as I write this post, my Happiness Project is complete, and I'm leaving for Africa soon.

I'm going to climb a mountain!

What did I learn over these last 100 days? 
-  It takes a bit of effort to be truly happy: creating a happy life vs being happy in the moment. They are two different experiences, both rewarding.

-  What started as a recovery plan after the injury - walking every morning, reading something good for me, and learning to find 'calmness' - has become habit.

-  Happiness has a snowball effect. People around me are acting different, making decisions they wouldn't make if not for me actively instilling this into our life.  

-  This didn't end up being about 'finding/creating happiness', it was 'the doing' that filled my heart.

It's never too late to join us... there is just one rule: it's not about completing 100%, it's about feeding the soul. 

Do the work - create a little happiness and remember...
Life, it's happening!

My 100 day Project:
Try three new fruits:Dekopon (Korea/Japan), White Dragon Fruit (Vietnam), and Cherimoya (Andes)

Read a Classic: The Great Gatsby

Plant a tree/garden: I planted a garden, mostly from seed

A new experience:If 'new experience' means do things you don't normally do... here are a few of my favorites:

1) taking a leap of faith when someone posted a comment on my blog... jumping from stranger to friend instantly.
2) driving three hours in the rain to have pancakes with a friend (embracing the elements) 
3) coordinating an author event! (good deed, building a new skill set)
4) 'modeling' for a photographer

Set a fitness goal: We climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in July. My fitness goals helped me prepare for a 65 trek in Africa: walking 30 miles a week, one 40 mile week in March, one 50 mile week in April, and a 60 mile week in May.

Volunteer or do a good deed: I offered to help an author plan/organize a book reading/signing in NJ.

Experiment in the kitchen: Walnut Dulce de Leche 

Learn something new: French 

See a foreign film: Young Goethe in Love 

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