Hello lovely friends,

A few years ago I completed Project Happiness, a 100-day personal challenge based on new experiences. It was a great experience, for me, my family, and for the thousands who keep reading these updates years later (knowing this is like receiving a hug for each of you - xxoo)

If I had to define 2016 with one word it would be 'disruptive.'  The first week of January to June was shadowed by a Union strike at the company in which I work.  For five weeks we dealt with extensive water damage to our home. Mix in sixteen weeks of training for the London Marathon, and late July we welcomed a new addition to our family... an eight-week old puppy!

Calmness is not a word I would use to describe the year yet it's something I try to create.  Memorable yes, serene it was not.

SO to start 2017 off strong, I have been working on a new project.  One focused on trying new things and creating fun memories.  Nothing difficult or requiring training.

Inspired by the quote 'Like Wildflowers' I am starting the year with a new 100-day challenge. 100 days happens to be 14 weeks (Jan 1 to April 10) so it's only fitting that I have a list of 14!
Watch a Foreign Movie
Build/create a craft room
Get Crafty: learn to needlepoint  
Read a Classic
Write a children's book
Do a good deed / Pay it Forward
Learn to juggle
Making your own pasta
Create a mood board on pinterest and print it on day 100
A beautiful bird house
Go rock climbing
Write a haiku
Start a collection of vintage children's books
Plan and plant a Wildflower Garden

I created a long list and narrowed it down over with input from the World Traveler.  We enjoyed a glass of wine, dinner and a movie. When I asked him to participate, he smiled.  Together we will build a birdhouse, go rock climbing, make pasta, and learn to juggle. 

Want to join me? Build your own list, use mine or parts of it.  Post updates to Instagram with #Wildflowers100 to share your wildflower moments and experiences.  If you don't use IG, you know how to connect with me.  I would love to read about your first 100 days of 2017.

Together we can make a giant bouquet of wildflowers!
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