A Broken Arm


Bill loves to tell this story.

On February 2 we closed on our new home in Minnesota, and I spent the coldest week of winter on the ice. I snowshoed across the bay daily, and took midday walks to enjoy winter.


I remember the day Andrew and I were flying back to Virginia. I went downstairs and saw the doors covered in frost after a cold/wintery night. Thankfully Bill was staying in Minnesota for a few weeks as we transferred utilities and prepared for the upcoming move. He would learn how the house reacts to winter with below zero temps in the forecast.

The next day, in Virginia, I broke my arm in two places while bringing in the garbage! A few inches of snow had fallen while we were in Minnesota, snow that melted and turned into black ice.

For the next eleven weeks I was in cast - unable to to just about everything. The first three weeks were spent in a cast up to my armpit. I remember my doctor telling me that my best chances for a full recovery involved this casting situation.

Have you spent time in a cast? I have a new outlook on small daily tasks.

As I write this post, I have been out of all casts for about a month. My break gifted me with an Ulnar nerve injury (I’m in a bit of pain all day, every day), and my wrist doesn’t bend. Next week I begin physical therapy after a visit with a hand surgeon. She told me my path to a full recovery would very long. Maybe a year.

One blessing… today my bones are solid.