Adult Summer Camp

We did it!

Back in February, when we closed on our new home, Bill said he wanted to host a July 4th extravaganza. My first reaction to big ideas like this one is almost always one of overwhelm, then we start planning and I get excited with the details.

Did you go to summer camp?

Living in the northeast for years, we knew families who sent their children to camp for most of the summer. While growing up in Minnesota, cabin life overruled camp.


I attended camp several times as a young girl. My favorite experience was the first time I spent three weeks in the Boundary Waters with about three dozen seventh graders. This summer camp was organized by my middle school (what a blessing). One school bus, co-ed camp, long bus rides with singalongs, my besties in a tent, rafting, portaging, and meals over a campfire. This experience was quintessentially Minnesotan.

Adult Summer Camp!

We planned a four day camp experience with four overnight campers and about 24 day campers. Each day was anchored by one event and surrounded by lake activities. Friends were coming and going throughout the day to go fishing or take the canoe to go Loon spotting. The weather gifted us early morning canoe and coffee trips across the bay, followed by a Nordic style breakfast spread of lefsa, yogurt, granola, fresh squeezed juice, and Bill making omelets to order.

Below is a selection of photos that capture the spirit of our first annual summer camp.

  • Day One: Golf for the men and a three hour tour (get it… Gilligan’s Island) for the ladies. While the men golfed we enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the lake. Lunch and Mimosa’s to catch up with friends. In the evening we took the boat to Lord Fletchers for dinner on the patio (with live music). It was a wonderful day.
  • Day Two: A lazy afternoon that led us to the big event, but first a fishing contest and an afternoon in Wayzata. Our friends coordinated an amazing wine tasting experience that included dinner under the stars, complete with an opera singer sommelier.
  • Day Three: Boating by day, pizza party by night. A relaxing day full of activities! I have fond memories of watching everyone relax on the deck, making pizza, messy hair and true camper look for all.
  • Day Four: Seventies inspired Fourth of July BBQ, complete with a custom fireworks display (I think Bill called it a fireworks explosion).

Looking back, I’m can’t believe we pulled this off just two months after a cross country move. Everyone had a wonderful time, with new friendships and the best memories to keep us going until next summer.

As I write this, we are busy planning a winter weekend…. Nordic style. And next summer we will be adding a new activity that has us quite excited!