December Update

Hello friends,

Don’t you feel time passing faster in December than any other month? I made my first batch of mulled wine in October and wanted to decorate our home before Thanksgiving. I was excited for snow, and to put up our tree.

Now it’s already mid-January! I’m sitting in the kitchen, with a mug of tea. It’s very cold here today. Cold enough to stay inside all day.

Looking back at December, I can tell you that winter arrived the day after upgrading my phone from an iPhone 8 to a 13. This was a big step in technology. The result…. I have been snapping away, taking more photos than I usually do. I’m not apologizing though… I tend to take a few photos to capture the moment before putting it away for the day. So, here we go!

December in photos

Winters first snow - a visit to The Northern Express - Noel Market at ASI - a spontaneous fire with a dear friend - family ice fishing - AWPs big catch - snowshoeing - skating - Christmas morning

Books Read:

Kitchen Confidential (Bourdain): Andrew bought me this memoir last year. We had spent the morning at the farmer’s market and wandered into the used bookstore. It’s a sweet memory that I will cherish for years to come. We are a family that loves to cook and entertain. It was interesting to learn about the industry, mixed with a bit of sadness in knowing he’s no longer with us. Have you read it? I gave is 4 stars

Loon Lessons (Paruk): I know this book isn’t for everyone, but I loved it! I bought the book shortly after moving to the lake house after hearing new sounds and wanting to understand what was happening on the water. Living with Loons I found myself hearing their goodnight calls, and last fall I was worried they wouldn’t migrate in time. I have such a crush on Loons that I signed up to volunteer next year.

In closing, come join me on Instagram. It’s my virtual coffee break. A place where I love connecting with you and sharing everyday moments that bring me joy.

2021, that’s a wrap. Cheers to 2022!