February Recap

In early March I made a decision to simplify and return to my roots... I broke up with Squarespace and returned to Blogger.  Why?  I was talked into the pretty templates, and 'everyone' was telling me to step away from Blogger, but this platform actually works great for what I want to share.

I will be returning with a monthly recap and an occasional post when I have something exciting to share.  So... here we go!

Life update: Nothing happens here in January, mostly because it could be too darn cold outside, which means February is packed with outdoor activities that hopefully help us make it to Spring. Early in February, I was able to watch the Klondike Dog Derby at the starting line.  It's a 40-mile race on Lake Minnetonka. The winner won the race in two hours and forty minutes.  It's so interesting to watch the teams care for their dogs.  The big news from the spectators was that a young girl was leading a team, I think she was just twelve years old.  Her father also had a team competing in the derby.  

Two weeks later Wayzata hosted The Chilly Open, and Excelsior held the National Pond Hockey Championships.  We took advantage of this doubleheader and hosted a long weekend with friends.  Click here to read that post. 

February lived up to its expectations!

Reading Summary: I read two books in February. YTD: 5

The Push: 4 stars

This novel was compared to We Need To Talk About Kevin, which some know was a frightening read for me, so I went into The Push with caution.  Thankfully it was easier to read but equally disturbing.  This novel explores nature/nurture within marriage and as a mother. Have you read it? Would you recommend it for book club?

The Cage: 3 stars

I heard about this book on the radio and decided to listen to it.  It was good, not great.  There were too many moments that I found unbelievable but did enjoy listening while cross country skiing and walking the dogs on the ice.