Home Sweet Home

Hello Friends,

Today marks one year back in Minnesota.  I still can't believe it. In some ways, it feels like we never left. I have been enjoying four seasons after spending two winters in Virginia, Bill not as much. He loves summer and I love snow. 

Last summer I formed a love for the Loons living on the Bay and hope to become a Loon Watcher this summer.  I submitted my application this morning, to see if they have openings on Lake Minnetonka.

Life looks so different a year later. 

It took me a bit to adjust to a lake view over acres of woods in our backyard. And, last summer gifted us with so many new experiences. This summer will be slower... we are no longer getting organized and buying all of the things we didn't have for lake living.  Another shift worth mentioning was all of the socializing/planning we weren't able to due in Virginia.  We lost our rhythm and I aim to improve these experiences (if only how I feel while preparing). From hosting a few events/dinners/experiences here, we know what not to do. I'm excited to put this into practice for a few events we have planned in May!

My Dad is still living with us.  We did research senior living this spring, mostly so we are ready if something happens, and we need to change this arrangement.  My dad was so unhealthy when he came to stay with us - he's thriving in comparison to a year ago.  For me, I have had a shift since his hospital stay in February.  Reading books on family caregiving has helped me so much. I'm also learning to surrender if that makes any sense. 

Bill accepted a CEO role in December, after taking a year off to get us settled.  He's now an entrepreneur which is something he has been talking about for years. He seems to love this new role.  

I'm still working from home while building a business with a friend and long time business partner. My days are shifting back to creating a quiet home, and mind.  This last year has been nothing but quiet and I long for our slow Jersey daily life.  I'm eager for it to return and this a goal for the next year. 


I have been blogging since 2008!  After moving to Squarespace in 2016 I recently decided to return to Blogger.  Why did I make this change?  I like sharing what I'm reading, paired with life updates, and found that a fancy website didn't lend itself to the simplicity I need. I was able to bring my posts over but will keep most of them as drafts.  I only share this as I look to bundle a few posts in the future.  My goal is to post one or two times a month. You can follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates.

If you are still reading this, thank you!  I cherish your friendship and hope to continue sharing books and life with you.  Now it's time to get back to the sourdough rising on the counter. ;)