March Update

Spring is here! Well... maybe not in Minnesota but we did get to feel warmth early in the month. We met Andrew and some family in Florida to attend our niece's wedding and were able to turn it into a family vacation, complete with an alligator airboat expedition, snorkeling, and a day trip to Del Ray Beach.

Every morning Andrew and I would go out for coffee and a croissant at a local French bakery, then explore on foot.  We fell in love with Loic Bakery!  Thank goodness we do not have this luxury close to home.  We also were able to spend quality time with our nephew.  This is a gift we will not forget, he and Andrew are less than two years apart. Both adults, making time for family. 

Other than this trip, much of the month was spent at home, and with my Dad. We explored Senior Living and had several doctor appointments that kept us busy.  I'm so grateful for this time with him.  I cherish it, even when it's hard (which it can be at times). 

March Reading:

I read two books in March.  I expect April to be a big month since I am in the middle of three as I write this post.

The Good House (Leary): This was picked as my book club pick. It's a quiet story about a sad/lonely woman, a house, and a town.  The book reminded me of Olive Kitteridge. 

There is a lot to discuss but I didn't love this one as it was quietly depressing.  

Happy Days (Bernstein): I bought this book a few months ago.  With the book purchase, I received an invitation to attend a six hour virtual launch. 

It is a 'good for your soul' book.  

You have to do the work kind of book.  

I will put some of her concepts into practice. Have you read any of Gabby Bernstein's books?  They are filled with wisdom and how to apply what she's sharing.