Zen Morning at the Lake

Hello friends,

Last winter Bill and I were talking about how amazing it would be to practice yoga on our property.  It was an idea that, honestly, I didn’t expect to happen.  Why you ask? Well, I didn’t know anyone who practiced or taught yoga.  Then I broke my wrist, which paused my yoga practice all together.

The Stars Aligned

In August I attended a Manifesting Abundance workshop (on 8.8, double infinity) with my book club.  I remember feeling so tired the night before that I almost stayed home. You know those kind of days right? I ended up going and had a life changing day. I spent the day with women who practice yoga, meditation, Feng Shui, and many other specialties that I’m interested in. I can’t wait to share more about this experience over the months to come - it’s a story for another day. 

The next week I mentioned wanting to host yoga to someone I had met at the workshop. Excited by my idea and out reach, she made it happen in just a few weeks! I owe it all to Jesse, who jumped at the chance to plan and host Zen Morning at the Lake with me.

Saturday Morning in September

Thirty  women came to our home to  practice together.  It was a spectacular day!  I remember waking to a stunning sunrise. We were gifted a brisk, sunny morning in mid September.  Adding to the vibe we were able to have a roaring fire in the pit.

This was my first time practicing outside. The morning opened with grounding and an opening chant, then we moved into a session of gentle yoga.  I asked to have just enough of a practice to set us up for meditation knowing that the dewy lawn isn’t as flat as a yoga studio.  The morning ended with guided meditation. 

What I didn’t know was that several of the women from the Abundance day were joining us with open arms.  Two unexpected things happened after the practice was done: first, someone offered her gift of intuitive insight to anyone interested, and second… someone loved Zen Morning so much that she is planning a similar morning in October. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was an unexpected afternoon with friends.  After yoga, a few stayed until mid-afternoon and we ended up having a drink on the boat (that never left the slip).  Taking time for ourselves to connect and refuel. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be welcomed into this Manifesting Abundance community of women.  My heart is full.