I have been enjoying reading Jane Porter's books this year. Her novels let you escape into a story with real characters and real struggles.
The Frog Prince is entertaining and keeps you guessing. Jane Porter captures the fear, pain and insecurity Holly feels having had her life turned upside down on her honeymoon when her husband says he doesn’t love her. We follow Holly as she relocates, creating a new life for her self filled with new friends, dating, learning to accept herself. This book is an exploration into marriage, mother/daughter, sibling, friendship, and dating relationships.

An exploration for the reader as to why we need love, what makes a person special, do we suffer from family guilt, can we move forward and put past relationships behind and most important is there happy ever after?
BWAV rating of this book:4 stars
Type: Fiction, 384 pages Trade paperback

Holly Bishop is the proverbial, small-town good girl. She always follows the rules, thinks of others first, and she never, ever makes mistakes. Until she marries the man she thought was her Prince Charming, who confesses on their honeymoon that he's not sexually attracted to her. Now, 14 months later, Holly's marriage is in the toilet, along with her self-esteem. Determined to start over, she moves to San Francisco, where she must navigate the landmines of dating in the big city. In the shadow of the Golden Gate and amid a population of wacky Bay Area eccentrics, Holly will discover that nice girls don't always finish last. In fact, they sometimes end up with everything they'd ever wanted.

“A painfully funny, utterly true story for every woman who has ever wondered what happeds after the fairy tale ends. I absolutely loved this book!” – Susan Wiggs, USA Totday bestselling author