Book Club: Upcoming Selections

A few months after moving to Virginia I attended a new member happy hour for a social club. I remember talking to Bill a few times that day (he was in Switzerland), telling him I wasn't sure if I would go. It was a big step outside my comfort zone, walking into a stranger's home, knowing no one. Over the next hour or so I met two gals who would become friends of mine.  A blessing with a pandemic on the horizon. I was also oh-so-gently pushed into coordinating a new book club.
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It's a wrap! Another year in books

 Hello lovely friends,

Some remember that I used to log the books I had read in a notebook before starting a book blog in 2008.  I maintained my blog until discovering Goodreads in 2012, and my book blog died a slow death…  This brings me to today, I cannot believe I’m writing another year in review update.  How have I been doing this for thirteen years?  

Before sharing my year in review, let me share a few interesting facts about my reading profile. I typically read 35-40 books a year, logging 705 books read since shifting from the blog to Goodreads. I have marked 34 books with 5 stars, with my last 5-star rating was in 2018 (I’m happy to report that my 29-month drought was broken in March).

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