Wildflowers: 100 day project (Day 10)

Lovely Friends,

I hope the New year is going well for everyone.We have family visiting this weekend. One last holiday gathering than then we will take down the Christmas tree. We also have a few day trips planned that you might enjoy catching a glimpse of, follow me on Instagram for up to the minute updates.

Project Wildflowers! 
The last time I completed a 100 day project I saw so much goodness, almost immediately after starting and this is the case again.  People asking me how it's going, and I find my husband juggling throughout the day. Juggling is a sign that my motor skills need refining, depth perception etc...  I'm determined to learn and continue this skill. One that brings a smile and joy into lives. 

Have you looked at my list and wondering why this is my list of fourteen?  I will share why I selected each item over the next several weeks.  Starting with a few today.

Today is day ten. Let's see how I'm doing. :)

Create a craft space: I dabble with knitting, sewing, and small season crafts. A full work space isn't necessary, but I would like to gather the yarn sitting in baskets, the painting supplies sitting on a bookshelf, etc...  and create an organized space. 

Running: Run Now | Wine Later

Hello friends,

Last month I celebrated my one year anniversary with Mahila Partnership, an all volunteer, non-profit organization of professional women, with diverse skills, supporting women who are recovering from disaster.

We are kicking off the New Year, and our 10-Year Anniversary, with a virtual run.  

Run Now | Wine Later

Feb 18 happens to be National Drink Wine Day!

I will be in Washington DC, along with the entire Mahila team, running through this lovely city while raising money for the women we serve. 

Will you come run with me?
I'm leaning towards running the 5K, or possibly walking it with YOU. 

Wildflowers: a 100 Day Project

Hello lovely friends,

A few years ago I completed Project Happiness, a 100-day personal challenge based on new experiences. It was a great experience, for me, my family, and for the thousands who keep reading these updates years later (knowing this is like receiving a hug for each of you - xxoo)

If I had to define 2016 with one word it would be 'disruptive.'  The first week of January to June was shadowed by a Union strike at the company in which I work.  For five weeks we dealt with extensive water damage to our home. Mix in sixteen weeks of training for the London Marathon, and late July we welcomed a new addition to our family... an eight-week old puppy!

Calmness is not a word I would use to describe the year yet it's something I try to create.  Memorable yes, serene it was not.

SO to start 2017 off strong, I have been working on a new project.  One focused on trying new things and creating fun memories.  Nothing difficult or requiring training.

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