Life in Chapters
In 2002, we made a decision to simplify our lives.

Our nine-mile commute took 45 minutes each way, and work/family balance had reached a tipping point. When my husband was offered a job in a small Midwestern town, we jumped at the chance to improve our quality of life. So, we moved from a city with three million people, and I started working remotely. For our family, it was an organic, natural process... shifting from busy days to a retreat/quiet pace in the evenings/weekends.

2010 - 2019: The globetrotting years

Moving to New Jersey offered us a chance to own acres of land and travel abroad for a few months each year.  My dreams to explore the world were achieved and all expectations were exceeded.  I was lucky enough to visit over forty countries, and experience most as a local. 

2019 - 2021: A leap of faith
In July 2019, we packed our bags and moved to Virginia.  We spent twenty months with our dogs on three acres of land, in a bend of the Potomac River. Once a dairy farm turned into pasture and woodland.  It was all very southern (to us), complete with a white picket fence and a covered front porch. The world would change forever during our short stay, and I’m grateful for the experience as it brought us home.

May 2021 - Home Sweet Home!
After nearly twenty years of living away from our family and friends, we decided to move back home while taking a walk during the first few months of Covid.  We packed our bags and moved to Minnesota just in time for summer. 

For the first few months it felt strange to look out the window into a large bay of water.  We had spent years living in the woods with an occasional bear sighting before moving to acres of meadow in Virginia. 

A year later... it feels like we never left.  My heart is full, and I can’t imagine anything else. 


I left my corporate career at the end of 2022, where I transformed organizations and processes with strategic/innovative focus, strong leadership, and proven success. In 2023, I'm taking the steps to build a business centered around my passions: yoga and event planning. 

Books. Books. Books.

From 2008 - 2014 I reviewed books, interviewed authors, and hosted book events. You can find hundreds of book reviews on this blog by using the Search field.  I'm still reading and love to discuss books, on Goodreads.