Sarah-Kate Lynch has written three novels, bread making, cheese and now wine! She also writes two columns in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, New Zealand's best-read magazine.

I love learning while reading a novel and House of Daughters delivers. This is the story of three sisters, I might say four if you add in the vineyard.

When Clementine’s father dies and her long lost sister arrives for the funeral and reading of the will, they are surprised to learn of a third sister that they knew nothing about.

Sophie, the youngest sister, joins the family shortly after Clementine discovers she exists. This novel is filled with the French language, follows the winery over four seasons and has a storyline that thickens as the book progresses.

Type: Fiction, 320 Pages, Trade paperback
Reader's guide: No


Family rivalries, long-ago love affairs, and forgotten scandals blend in this sparkling novel set in the Champagne province of France…

With effervescent wit and clear-eyed insight, Sarah-Kate Lynch explores the rivalries and bonds of sisterhood amidst the lush countryside of France's Champagne province. Clementine is the rightful heir to the House of Peine, the vineyard that has been in the family for generations. She has spent her whole life caring for the vines, not to mention caring for her sour brute of a father. But now that the Peine patriarch is dead, his will stipulates that Clementine must share the vineyard with a half-sister she hasn't seen in twenty years and another she didn't even know existed. As one vineyard brings three estranged siblings together, readers will savor this heartfelt toast to sisterhood and inspired celebration of Champagne.