The Red Leather Diary

Omaha book club selection, May 2009

This is my second post for this book, I am a little behind in reviews. Visit my previous post for author Q&A and so much more about the author and the book.

My book club likes to read at least one memoir/biography a year. We were struggling with our selection process this year so I reached out to a contact at one of the publishing companies and ‘The Leather Diary’ was on this list.

After a visit to my local bookstore and scanning several of the recommendations I felt a connection to Florence. My grandma is just a few years older than Florence and grew up in NYC – many of the stories were familiar.

I’m interested in the discussion with my book club (in May). I was able to relate to so much in this story, being from NYC and hearing similar stories my entire life. I'm curious to hear how my friends with family roots in the midwest will connect to Florence’s stories.

Author interviews posted to Google Authors, Words to Mouth and a great NY Times article

Type: Memoir/Biography, 320 pages, Trade paperback

“A world straight from the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel…An extraordinary story about coming of age, following your dreams, and discovering (or rediscovering) who you are, were, and want to be.” – Parade

“An Amazing Story” – Chicago Times

BN.COM Reader Review: I randomly picked up this book at the store. I started reading it while waiting for my friend. I thought it was very interesting. It took me back to Florence's youth. I liked how she was very modern for her time. I would recommend this book to anyone. It makes me wish I had kept a diary when I was younger. I would have loved to read it now and remember how it felt to be that young.

BN.COM Reader Review: This book was a treasure to read. Lily Koppel guided me through the diary and provided me with a wonderous glimpse into the life of another generation. The book was cleverly designed from the cover to the pages to resemble the actual diary. I felt like I had discovered a secret as well.