Review: All we ever wanted was everything

All we ever wanted was everything is our July selection for our Summer Reading Series (discussion on July 14). We had over 40 people enter for the free book! If you didn’t win one of the copies I hope you will still read with us – this book is hysterical!

I don’t know where to start… within the first thirty pages I was hooked and read this book in two days. The book opens when Janice’s husbands company goes public and the family is instantly wealthy. Janice goes about her business throughout the day feeling euphoric until she receives an email from her husband… a ‘dear john’ email after 29 years of marriage.

As the pages turn we learn that both of Janice’s daughters are spiraling downhill and all three women are living in the same house but are not connected to each other. This book is laugh out loud funny at times yet you will connect to each character.

Take a moment to visit Janelle’s blog, she has a new post talking about the 9 different covers for this book.

From the original post…
Janelle answers a few questions:

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 35 years old, and I live with my husband Greg and our lab-mix rescue dog in a little bungalow in Los Angeles. I've been a writer my entire life - I decided I wanted to be an author when I was in second grade (when I started writing short stories about talking animals) and stubbornly stuck to the plan for the next thirty-odd years. I grew up in Silicon Valley and started my career as a journalist in San Francisco, working for magazines like Wired and Salon, writing a lot about the technology boom and how the Internet was changing our lives. I moved to Los Angeles seven years ago in order to start writing fiction, became a freelancer writing for publications like Vogue, Self and the New York Times, and published All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (my first novel) last summer…. Click here to read the complete Q&A

Type: Fiction, 431 pages, Trade paperback

When Paul Miller’s pharmaceutical company goes public, making his family IPO millionaires, his wife, Janice, is sure this is the windfall she’s been waiting for—until she learns that her husband is leaving her and has cut her out of the new fortune. Meanwhile, 400 miles south in Los Angeles, the Millers’ daughter, Margaret, has been dumped by her actor boyfriend and left in the lurch by an investor who promised to revive her irreverent postfeminist magazine, Snatch. Sliding toward bankruptcy and dogged by creditors, she flees for home, where her confused and lonesome teenage sister, Lizzie, is struggling with problems of her own: She’s become the school slut.Holed up in their Georgian colonial bunker, the Miller women wage battle with divorce lawyers, debt collectors, drug-dealing pool boys, country club ladies, evangelical neighbors, and nasty social climbers—and in the process all illusions and artifice fall away and they must reckon with something far scarier and more consequential: their true selves.

“Executed with nerve and wit” – The NY Times book review

“A killer summer read” – Daily Candy