Review: Coming for Money

A fast paced page turner, Smart
The book title and subject matter peaked my interest - I wanted to read this book if for no other reason than hoping to learn a little more about the financial industry. Thank you to Pump up your Book Promotion for sending a copy and offering me the ability to participate in a virtual tour for Coming for Money.

F. W. vom Scheidt is a director of an international investment firm. He works and travels in the world’s capital markets, and makes his home in Toronto, Canada. He is also the author of a new book, Coming for Money, a remarkable and provocative novel about the world of international finance and the human quests for success, understanding and love. (Source: website)
Coming for Money is action packed from the first chapter, by the time you are 30 pages in so much has happened and you will find yourself absorbed in the story.

This is the story of Paris Smith, a man who is grieving the death of his wife and having to keep it together while he finds a solution to a $100 million dollar issue. The first part of this book reminded me of Wall Street (remember Gordon Gecco?) mixed with a dab of John Grisham. As the book continues you follow Paris as he discovers himself, opening up to reveal a sad grieving man and finding new life.

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Author Q&A:
Tell us a little about yourself: I am a director of an international investment firm. I work and travel in the world’s capital markets, and makes my home in Toronto, Canada.

Do you write daily? My responsibilities do not allow me to write daily. But, daily and continuously, I store thoughts, concepts, people, situations and language. When traveling and working in international locations, I concentrate not on looking out from my own life to see something different, but on assuming the lives of others to learn how to see differently.

And, always, I seek to maintain integrity in my struggle with questions without answers: who am I? Why am I here? What comes after this life? The result of this process is that, when I have an opportunity to write, I have something to say.

What was it like getting your first novel published? Probably the most important aspect of it to me personally was that I wanted to write as truthfully as possible about the life I know best; and having my publisher accept the novel was some affirmation that my writing had succeeded in having someone else experience some of what I experienced.

What do you think of the electronic book (kindles and such)? I don’t know anything about electronic books. Maybe there’s a good stock tip; invest now and have the stock double in a few years when the technology becomes widely accepted.

What is one tip that you can share with aspiring writers? Write.

What are you reading now? Blindness, Jose Saramago; The Lay of The Land, Richard Ford; Mathematics From The Birth of Numbers, Jan Gullberg; Jesus For The Non Religious, John Shelby Spong

Lastly, share one or two of your all time favorite novels read, excluding classics: Islands In The Stream, Ernest Hemingway

Just for fun:
Favorite Season: Autumn
Morning or night: In my profession, money never sleeps, and either do you. I sometimes work 24 hours straight.
Favorite ice cream flavor: I don’t eat ice cream. I drink single malt scotch. The calories are about the same. But the whiskey delivers a significantly greater appreciation of the remarkable journey of life.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go: I already travel too much. I value stillness.
Type: Fiction, 250 pages, Trade paperback

International investment firm director and author F. W. vom Scheidt’s Coming For Money is a remarkable and provocative novel about the world of international finance and the human quests for success, understanding and love --- fast-paced, honest, and deeply felt. One man is caught between the unrelenting demands of imminent success or failure in his career, and his private heartbreak over the loss of love in his life. Engrossing, intelligent and totally original, Coming For Money introduces a talented author.

Reviews:“…an unusually talented writer…characters that come to life and are credible…vivid, realistic… often exerts that almost-mesmerizing effect of film noir.” – Patricia Anderson (Suthor of passion Lost)
“Impressive and original… a work that is subtle and unusual, a literary page-turner that is a rare pleasure to read.” – Jennifer Barclay (editor of AWOL, Tales for Travel-Inspired Minds)