Review: Earthly Pleasures

I just had to read this book after reading about it on a blog. What a fun idea for a story!

From Author’s website: Karen Neches was single for over twenty years. She used to tell people she was in the “hospice stage” of being single as she never expected to recover. Then at the age of forty-three she finally met her soul mate. Earthly Pleasures is dedicated to him. Neches also writes under the name Karin Gillespie and is the national bestselling author of The Sweet Potato Queen’s First Big-Ass Novel with Jill Conner Browne and three novels in the critically acclaimed Bottom Dollar Girl series. She’s founder of the forty author virtual tour The Girlfriend Circuit as well as the grog for Southern authors, A Good Blog is Hard to Find. She is a former lifestyle columnist for the Augusta Chronicle.
Skye is a hospitality greeter in heaven. She greets new arrivals, explaining all the wonderful things heaven has to offer. After being chosen to go to earth she takes classes to prepare her for her journey. The teachers lesson plan is based her belief that all you need to know on earth is found in the lyrics of Beatles songs.

This book was a pleasure to read, I had such a busy week and enjoyed carrying this with me to the doctors office, the gym, etc… Earthly Pleasures is a reality show, looking from heaven to the lives of the living. It’s on this show that Skye first sees Ryan Blaine. As the story progresses we follow Skye and Ryan’s journey. I loved all the characters and enjoyed trying to figure out the stories ending. If you are looking for a fun, flirty story this one’s for you.

The is an Author Q&A on Karen Neches website worth reading.

Type: Fiction, 320 pages, Trade paperback

Synopsis:When Skye Sebring, a hospitality greeter inside the pearly gates of Heaven, meets lawyer Ryan Blaine during his brush with death after a motorcycle accident, she falls so deeply in love that she follows him back to Earth, a world with strange customs she knows nothing about — until she discovers that all of life's lessons can be learned from the lyrics of five Beatles songs.