Review: True Colors

I have brought this book home from the library a few times and finally got around to reading it! I read Firefly Lane last spring after someone recommended it to me, which I enjoyed enough to continue reading new releases by this author. 

From the authors website: After working in a trendy advertising agency, I decided to go to law school. "But you're going to be a writer" are the prophetic words I will never forget from my mother. I was in my third-and final-year of law school and my mom was in the hospital, facing the end of her long battle with cancer. I was shocked to discover that she believed I would become a writer. For the next few months, we collaborated on the worst, most clich├ęd historical romance ever written. Click here to read more.

Synopsis: The Grey sisters had only each other when their mother died years ago. Their father provided for them physically on Water's Edge, the ranch that had been in their family for three generations, each of them however, longed for their father's love.

Winona, the oldest, knew early on that she could never get it. An overweight dreamer and reader, she didn't exhibit the kinds of talents and strengths her father valued.

Vivi Anne, the youngest, had those things. And it was Vivi Anne who only ever saw a glimmer of their father's approval.

When Vivi Anne makes a fateful decision to follow her heart, rather than take the route of a dutiful daughter, events are set in motion that will test the love and loyalties of the Grey sisters.

With breathtaking pace and penetrating insight, Kristin Hannah's True Colors is a novel about sisters, vengeance, rivalry, betrayal—and ultimately, what it truly means to be a family.

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Type: Fiction, 400 pages, Hardcover

Quick Take: Let me start by saying I enjoyed this novel, especially as I read the last few chapters and could take it all in. The story takes place over two decades so it does contain a lot of detail. It’s a good, heartfelt story about three sisters, their family struggles and life in a small community. The story centers about one sisters decision to marry a man that no one cares for and he ends up in jail for most of the book. We watch her struggle to raise a child alone, feeling abandoned at times and finding a way to cope. If you enjoy Kristin Hannah novels this one will not disappoint you.

Hannah has a new novel to be released next month called Winter Garden, my library has ordered 9 copies and I am number 8 on the hold list!

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