Review: Time of my Life

My friend met me for lunch in NYC last week, as soon as we sat down she started telling me about an amazing book. She was pumped! She went on to tell me it’s about a woman who seems to be living the perfect life but is caught wondering about the ‘what if’s’ in life. Did she marry the right man, how would her life be different if she made different decisions. To top it off her mother abandoned the family when she was young so she’s dealing with some serious emotional baggage.

From author’s website: I was born in the '70s at 3:43 AM in Charlottesville, VA. After my mother assured my father that yes, he could take that business trip to Montreal because, no, there was no chance that I would be making my appearance while he was gone, out I popped. Which my parents now like to use as a frequent analogy about my general attitude and overall take on life.

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Synopsis: Jillian Westfield has a life straight out of the women’s magazines she obsessively reads. She’s got the modern-print rugs of Metropolitan Home, the elegant meals from Gourmet, and the clutter-free closets out of Real Simple. With her investment-banker husband behind the wheel and her cherubic eighteen-month-old in the backseat, hers could be the family in the magazines’ Range Rover ads.

Yet somehow all of the how-to magazine stories in the world can’t seem to fix her faltering marriage or stop her from asking "What if?"

Then one morning Jillian wakes up seven years in the past. She’s back in her Manhattan apartment. She’s back in her fast-paced job. And she’s still with Jackson, the ex-boyfriend, and star of her what-if fantasies.

Armed with twenty-twenty hindsight, she’s free to choose all over again. She can reconnect to the mother who abandoned her, she can use ad campaigns from her future to wow her clients, and she can fix the fights that doomed her relationship with Jackson. Or can she?

Type: Fiction, 304 pages, Hardcover

Quick Take: Recommend - As my friend was describing this book we kept saying “I can relate to this book” or “I wonder if…”. We shared stories with each other, secrets, and we are bonded at a deeper level today. Time of my Life is a quick light read for such heavy topics (abandonment, revisiting life’s tough decisions and justifying the path you choose).

I will definitely read more books by the author.  It sounds like many of my blog friends/readers are reading this one now. I can’t wait to read your reviews, please let me know when you post.

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