Review: Tainted

Thank you TLC Book Tours for including me in the book tour for Tainted. This is a gripping story, the twists start rather quickly and keeps you engaged to the very last sentence.

From author’s website: Brooke Morgan is a Bostonian who now lives in London with her two children. Tainted is her first novel.

Synopsis: Holly Barrett first saw Jack Dane early one morning—tall, tan, and so heartbreakingly handsome he took her breath away. He also seemed like the last person to disrupt her quiet, uneventful days with her sensitive daughter, Katy. But the charming, enigmatic Englishman has blown into her small Cape Cod town like a brisk summer wind off the bay.

He sweeps Holly off her feet, and is soon touching the lives of everyone she deeply cares about. But is Jack the considerate, concerned gentleman he appears to be—or is there a very different creature lurking below the surface? Has a monster entered her life . . . and how far will Holly have to go to save the person she loves more than anyone else in the world?

Type: Fiction, 429 pages, Trade Paperback

Quick Take: This novel starts as a love story between Holly and Jack but don't let that fool you, it's filled with lies and deception. While reading this book I kept thinking it reminded me of the Julia Roberts movie, Sleeping with the Enemy – remember how creepy that movie was?

The relationship between Henry (Holly’s grandfather), Holly and her daughter Katy is sweet and loving. All of the characters in the book are of equal importance to the story which kept me invested. Jack Dane makes you feel uncomfortable from the beginning of the book. A quick read and a page turner.

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