Review: Arcadia Falls

Carol Goodman is a new author name to me - after reading some reviews I thought I should try reading a few of her books.  Do you have any recommendations for other Goodman titles?

Synopsis: There once was a girl who liked to pretend she was lost. . . .

Meg Rosenthal is driving toward the next chapter in her life. Winding along a wooded roadway, her car moves through a dense forest setting not unlike one in the bedtime stories Meg used to read to her daughter, Sally. But the girl riding beside Meg is a teenager now, and has exchanged the land of make-believe for an iPod and some personal space. Too much space, it seems, as the chasm between them has grown since the sudden, unexpected death of Meg’s husband.

Dire financial straits and a desire for a fresh start take Meg and Sally from a comfortable life on Long Island to a tucked-away hamlet in upstate New York: Arcadia Falls, where Meg has accepted a teaching position at a boarding school. The creaky, neglected cottage Meg and Sally are to call home feels like an ill portent of things to come, but Meg is determined to make the best of it—and to make a good impression on the school’s dean, the diminutive, elegant Ivy St. Clare.

St. Claire, however, is distracted by a shocking crisis: During Arcadia’s First Night bonfire, one of Meg’s folklore students, Isabel Cheney, plunges to her death in a campus gorge. Sheriff Callum Reade finds Isabel’s death suspicious, but then, he is a man with secrets and a dark past himself.

Meg is unnerved by Reade’s interest in the girl’s death, and as long-buried secrets emerge, she must face down her own demons and the danger threatening to envelop Sally. As the past clings tight to the present, the shadows, as if in a terrifying fairy tale, grow longer and deadlier.

Type: Fiction, 368 pages, Hardcover

Quick Take: Recommend - Let me start by saying I enjoyed most of this book.  I am not interested in folklore and witchcraft so the book did lose my interest a bit in these sections but the overall story was good.  There is a lot going on in this book so be prepared to meet several characters.  Each person is relevant to the story moving forward though and as you get to the end of the story you might find your self surprised with the outcome.  I figured out parts of the story but there was a twist towards the end that surprised me. 

This book kept my interest and was entertaining enough that I picked up another book by the author from the library last week.

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