Review: Just Like Me, Only Better

Every once in a while the Fed-Ex guy surprises me with new books and that was the case with Just Like Me, Only Better.  I enjoy light/fun novels so I was excited to have the chance to read this one. 

Synopsis: From the author of Here Today, Gone to Maui, the story of a woman who finally got a life...some else's. Ever since Veronica's husband found the love of his life-not her-she's been a walking zombie with runny mascara. It doesn't help that she keeps getting mistaken for Haley Rush-the Hollywood starlet whose dazzling life is plastered on every magazine. When Haley's manager offers Veronica a job as a celebrity double, it only takes a moment before she says yes. Veronica gets to drive Haley's car, wear her phenomenal clothes-and have fun with her hot celebrity boyfriend, Brady Ellis. Too bad the job's only part-time, and at the end of the day she has to return to her life as a cash-strapped substitute teacher and cub scout mom. But when real sparks fly with Brady, is it a fantasy come true or a disaster in disguise?

Type: Fiction, 306 pages, trade paperback

Quick Take: Recommend - This is a really fun book about a divorced working mother who looks like a celebrity and ends up accepting a part time job as a 'double'.  I love reading books that are fresh and new in concept and this fits the bill.  If you enjoy Jane Porter, you will love this book.  A quick, entertaining read, perfect for summer!

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