Review: The Senator's Wife

Many of you know that I have been busy loading my ipod with books to make sure I always have choices.  Having read several Miller books in the past, I listened to The Senator's Wife last week and really, really enjoyed it!

Synopsis: Once again Sue Miller takes us deep into the private lives of women with this mesmerizing portrait of two marriages exposed in all their shame and imperfection, and in their obdurate, unyielding love. The author of the iconic THE GOOD MOTHER and the best-selling WHILE I WAS GONE brings her marvelous gifts to a powerful story of two unconventional women who unexpectedly change each other's lives.Meri is newly married, pregnant, and standing on the cusp of her life as a wife and mother, recognizing with some terror the gap between reality and expectation. Delia Naughton—wife of the two-term liberal senator Tom Naughton—is Meri's new neighbor in the adjacent New England town house. Delia's husband's chronic infidelity has been an open secret in Washington circles, but despite the complexity of their relationship, the bond between them remains strong. What keeps people together, even in the midst of profound betrayal? How can a journey imperiled by, and sometimes indistinguishable...

Type: Fiction
Quick Take: Highly Recommend - This story looks at marriage and is told from Meri's voice - a newly married woman who moves into the other side of the bungalow from Delia (the Senator's wife). 

As Meri struggles with the realities of marriage and motherhood, she discovers secrets about their neighbor while house sitting.  She has to make decisions based on knowledge that she shouldn't have, this helps move the story forward and a good pace.

Another book that kept me on my toes! I was pleasantly surprised at the pace of this book and the twists and turns that kept the storyline moving.
Source: Library (audio)