Review: Promises to Keep

Jane Green is one of my go to authors, I love reading her books while on vacation or while sitting on the deck, enjoying a beautiful day.  So imagine my surprise when I was given the opportunity to read and review her upcoming novel Promises to Keep.

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Synopsis:  Callie Perry is a successful family photographer living in upstate New York. She adores her two daughters, has great friends, and actually doesn't mind that her workaholic husband gets home at 9 p.m. every night-that is, when he's not traveling six months out of the year.

Callie's younger sister, Steff, on the other hand, has never grown up. She's a free spirit, living in downtown Manhattan and bouncing between jobs and boyfriends. Lately, she's been working as a vegan chef, even though she can't cook.

Lila Grossman is Callie's best friend and has finally met the man of her dreams. Eddie has two wonderful children, but also a drama queen ex-wife who hates Lila. And then there are Callie and Steff's parents, Walter Cutler and Honor Pitman. Divorced for thirty years, they rarely speak to each other.

The lives of these colorful characters intersect when they each receive a shocking note that summons them together for one extraordinary summer in Maine and changes their lives forever. This novel is about the hard choices we have to face, about having to be your parents' child long after you've grown up, and about the enduring nature of love.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: Recommend - I read this book while traveling last weekend, it was the perfect companion to my trip.  Jane Green has a way of connecting her readers to the characters while writing stories about friendship and life. 

Recipes!  There are several vegetarian recipes in this book and I intend to try a few once settled in the new house. 

The inspiration for this novel was a close friend to Jane, Heidi lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 2009. Jane is donating 20% of her royalties to breast cancer research - thank you Jane, you hold a special place in my heart for your generousity. I have a few people close to me battling breast cancer, so this means the world to me.

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