Review: One Day

Why I picked it: I was looking for something new to listen to last week, after reading a blog that mentioned this book moved her to tears (supported by many comments) I thought this would be a good choice.

Synopsis: It's 1988 and Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley have only just met. They both know that the next day, after college graduation, they must go their separate ways. But after only one day together, they cannot stop thinking about one another. As the years go by, Dex and Em begin to lead separate lives lives very different from the people they once dreamed they'd become. And yet, unable to let go of that special something that grabbed onto them that first night, an extraordinary relationship develops between the two.

Over twenty years, snapshots of that relationship are revealed on the same day July 15th of each year. Dex and Em face squabbles and fights, hopes and missed opportunities, laughter and tears. And as the true meaning of this one crucial day is revealed, they must come to grips with the nature of love and life itself.

Quick Take: I'm just going to say it, here's another book that I didn't love/didn't hate.  There are so many great books to read that I know I wouldn't think to recommend this one to a busy friend.  This doesn't mean its a bad book.

It's a sad/lonely story about two people who have a strong connection but are not willing to take a risk.  Emma lacks self confidence and Dex is a bit of a creep, how they stay connected over two decades escapes me. Dex isn't Emma's type and she defines the relationship quickly, deciding to be friends.  There was a point in the story where I started to fall for the characters, when they go on vacation together, but the story took a different turn.  One I expected would happen in the book, just not that quickly. 

I think the struggle I had was that the book takes place on/near July 15th over a twenty year time frame.  I just read a book following this format a month ago and I didn't love that one either... so maybe it's me (which is a fair observation).

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Source: Personal copy (iTunes audio)