Review: Good Enough to Eat

Why I Picked It: Look at the cover - don't you want to read it?  The cover drew me in and the synopsis piqued my interest enough to say yes to the request in my inbox.

Synopsis: Former lawyer Melanie Hoffman lost half her body weight and opened a gourmet take-out café specializing in healthy and delicious food. Then her husband left her-for a woman twice her size. Immediately afterwards, she's blindsided by a financial crisis. Melanie reaches out to a quirky roommate with a ton of baggage and becomes involved in a budding romance with a local documentary filmmaker.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take:  Recommend - I really enjoyed this book and would pass this one along to a friend looking for something good to read.  I know a few people who have lost a considerable amount of weight and I thought the author did a great job describing the realities of weight loss and the new insecurities that replace the 'fat' ones.

Can you imagine someone leaving you because you decided to improve your overall health?  I can't begin to understand this situation but I'm sure this happens (remembering that the one left behind is not going through a life changing transformation).  The ending is really good to, a 'real life' type of ending.

Have you read it?  Did you like it?

Source: Review Copy