Review: Hummingbirds

Why I picked it: Hummingbird's is a TLC Book Tour selection.  This book sounded intriguing, a NYC prep school story that included the faculty and the secrets that surround an all girls school with a token male teacher. 

Synopsis: A wonderfully compelling novel about the intertwining---and darkly surprising---relationships between the teachers and students at an all-girl prep school, Hummingbirds marks the debut of author Joshua Gaylord, a prep school teacher himself on New York City's Upper East Side. Spanning a year at the Carmine-Casey School for Girls, this intimate private school community becomes tempestuous and dangerously incestuous as the rivalries and secrets of teachers and students interact, intersect, and eventually collide. Ultimately, Hummingbirds poses a fascinating question: who are the adults and who are the children?

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: Recommend - This may sound odd but this story reminded me of Glee, the storyline cirlces around Mr. Leo Binhammer and his female student Dixie Doyle but stops there. Dixie is the popular girl in school, has a crush on Binhammer and is a bit of snob.  Leo revels in knowing he is an icon at school (everyone loves him).  This book is hard to discuss without sharing plot twists (good twists) but I will tell you there are plenty of twists in the book to keep you wanting to know what will happen. 

The story is mostly told from the adult/teachers vantage but with a good mix of teen girl mixed in for good measure.  It's a story of many messed up lives but I confess I did enjoy reading it.

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Source: Thank you TLC Book Tours for supplying my review copy.  Click here for details of the Hummingbird's book tour and to read more reviews.