Review: Seven Year Switch

Why I picked it: I have seen this book around all summer - I read it in advance of an author interview/discussion that I wanted like to listen to.  You can listen to the author discuss this book as part of the Satellite Sisters Word-Write Festival.  They are hosting a great festival this month - check it out!

Synopsis: Struggling and sassy single mom Jill—left to raise three-year-old Anastasia when husband Seth runs away to join the Peace Corp—is just about over the devastating loss when Seth reappears seven years later ready to pick up where they left off. Jill wrestles with her still-raw anger and her precocious daughter's heart-breaking need for her daddy back in her life. “Honey, if you don't forgive him, it'll eat you alive,” counsels Jill's boss and best friend, Joni. For his part, “It wasn't the life we planned,” Seth explains. But Anastasia helps him remember it's the life he needs while Jill discovers letting go teaches you how to hold onto new possibilities.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: Recommend - This is a fun light book - perfect for a beach vacation but so much more.  The main character, Jill, is a travel agent so this book is filled with lots of cultural knowledge... I appreciated learning while reading. I also liked the ending - it's messy (closer to real life than the perfect ending).

Source: Audible