Review: Strangers at the Feast

Why I picked it: I read some great reviews for this book last month and with a long run planned I decided to buy the book to keep me company (spur of the moment).

Synopsis: The critically acclaimed author of Easter Island delivers a gripping, complex, and satisfying drama that unfolds over the course of Thanksgiving Day as two families are connected by a horrific crime.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: Recommend - I enjoyed this book.  The author writes with a level of detail similar to Jennifer Haigh, if you enjoy reading her novels you will like this book. 

The story is told with several points of view, discovering more about each character as the story progresses.  Over 90% of the story takes place before the crime.  I have read a few books following this format recently, enough to realize that I prefer a story to unfold reflecting backward and dealing with life after the crime/event.  It's interesting to end a story without complete closure, leaving the reader wondering.

I was left satisfied and am still thinking about the characters in this book, weeks after finishing.

Source: iTunes (audiobook)