Review: Pictures of You

Why I picked it: I enjoy reading book suggestions from authors.  Lian Dolan (author of Helen of Pasadena) recommended this book when we talked with her last month, for the Manic Mommies Book Club.

Synopsis: Two women running away from their marriages collide on a highway, leaving the survivor to pick up the pieces of both of their lives.

Quick Take: Recommend - This was a great choice for vacation.  It's a story about a woman, Isabelle, who is trying to rediscover herself.  She makes a life changing decision to leave her marriage and her plans are derailed by a car accident.  This accident changes the direction of her life when she survives and the other driver doesn't.

Isabelle becomes obsessed with the family of the other driver and ends up interacting with them for a good part of the book.  I don't want to expand on this or I might give away some of the plot.

I enjoyed how this book was written, it wasn't overly emotional yet I felt connected to the characters and looked forward to finding out what would happen with Isabelle. 

This novel is about self discovery, a solid story with a messy ending.

Rating: 4/5 stars
Source: Personal Copy/ Nook