Review: Little Bee

Why I picked it: Little Bee was recommended to me over and over yet I kept passing it by, so I was happy to hear we were going to read this for The Omaha Bookworm's.

Synopsis: On a beach in Nigeria, the lives of Little Bee, a teenager from a small village, and Sarah O'Rourke, editor of a posh British women's magazine, are brought into brutal conjunction. Little Bee and her older sister have the misfortune to live on valuable Nigerian oil deposits, for which their family pays a deadly price. Sarah and her husband, heedless tourists out for a walk in the sand, are confronted in an instant with a choice: Save the girls at great personal cost or ignore them. (source: Washington Post Review)

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: My book club read/discussed this book in March and unfortunately I was only at the half way point the night they discussed it.  When they called me, it was a wonderful experience to listen to them talking about the book, breaking it down and mentioning that a few of them highlighted the same text (flagging it as brilliant).

Little Bee's story is very sad but with a glimmer of hope. Sarah does not welcome Little Bee into her home with open arms, but as the story unfolds Little Bee becomes a part of their broken family. Sarah is willing to do just about anything to keep Little Bee safe.

There are so many things to love about this novel, the writing a given... I adored Sarah's little boy and that he only wore a super hero outfit.  He is aware that his Daddy isn't coming home, yet waits for his return (heartbreaking).  Sarah is complicated, loved her! 

I wish I had finished this book before our discussion, I would love to chat about it.  Click here to read Lit & Life's review (Lisa runs our book club)

I wonder if I would be willing to give up something for a complete stranger.... Have you read this book?  I would love to hear your thoughts (or link to your review).

Rating: 4/5 stars
Source: Audio (Library)

Country: Nigeria/England
Challenge: Teresa's Audiobook Challange