Review: The Wedding Girl

Why I picked it: While at the library a week or two before the royal wedding, I saw this audio book staring at me at the library.  I had just read several dark/twisty novels and thought this would make for a nice change of pace.

Synopsis:  Melissa Grace Havill is about to become Mrs. Simon Pinnacle in a dreamy, lavish wedding ceremony. Simon is the perfect groom: handsome, rich, and kind. But Milly has forgotten one little thing, a tiny detail -- her husband. That would be Allan, the man she married years ago so that he could apply for a visa. Her romantic wedding crashes around her ears when Simon leaves her in disgust, appalled by her false vows and her lies to him. Along with a divorce, Milly learns that lavish "society" weddings are as shallow as champagne. To most people, she decides, "the word 'wedding' meant happiness and celebration." But for her? The celebration is less important than the man to whom she actually speaks the vows. And when Milly finally marries, the church is echoing and empty, the flowers are nowhere to be seen, but the vows are spoken from the heart.

Type: Fiction/chick-lit

Quick Take: This is a fun book, just long enough to keep my attention.  It's a whimsical story about a girl who meets a boy and the boy falls in love with the girl.  One problem....Milly is not the intellectual girl Simon thinks she is, and she has a BIG secret.  One kept so well that Milly has suppressed it and seems shocked when the secret is revealed, threatening to destroy their future. This book is set in the UK and while listening I kept thinking Hugh Grant could play Simon :).

This is my first novel by this author. Have you read any of her books?  Do you recommend them?
Rating: 3/5 stars
Source: Library (Audio)