Review: The Orphan Sister

Why I picked it: Manic Mommies Book Club selection.  I love it when listeners recommend books for us to read, it’s even better when the author is available to discuss the book with us!

This month we read an interesting novel about triplets, exploring the relationships of a set of identical twins and their triplet sister who shared a womb. I always read/hear about twins and their connections but have never thought about how might this be different for the triplet who doesn’t share the ‘identical’ label.

Synopsis:  Clementine Lord is not an orphan. She just feels like one sometimes. One of triplets, a quirk of nature left her the odd one out. Odette and Olivia are identical; Clementine is a singleton. Biologically speaking, she came from her own egg. Practically speaking, she never quite left it. Then Clementine’s father—a pediatric neurologist who is an expert on children’s brains, but clueless when it comes to his own daughters—disappears, and his choices, both past and present, force the family dynamics to change at last. As the three sisters struggle to make sense of it, their mother must emerge from the greenhouse and leave the flowers that have long been the focus of her warmth and nurturing.

For Clementine, the next step means retracing the winding route that led her to this very moment: to understand her father’s betrayal, the tragedy of her first lost love, her family’s divisions, and her best friend Eli’s sudden romantic interest. Most of all, she may finally have found the voice with which to share the inside story of being the odd sister out. . . .

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: We had a wonderful discussion with author Gwendolen Gross last night.  Not having sisters I tend to overlook the theme of sisterhood.  I don't do this intentionally, instead I connect to other elements in novels... so it was nice exploring sisterhood and triplet sisters on the call.

At the core, the novel explores the need for pairing. The longing we have to be a couple, through friendships, relationships, siblings, or marriage.  We follow Clementine through her life journey (into her late twenties) as she longs to find her pair.  Although she has a strong connection to her sisters she tends to feel like an extra at times, her sisters are identical twins who's lives haven't diverted from plan.  Clementine's journey has taken a few course corrections but she's finding her way.

Mix in a missing father, postpartum, animal rescue and more... this makes for a wonderful book discussion.

If you enjoy Barbara Delinsky, Jodi Picoult novels you will enjoy The Orphan Sister.

Gwendolen's Book Recommendations:
500 Acres and No Where to Hide (McCorkendale)
Alice Bliss(Harrington)
The Highest Tide (Lynch)

Click the green button to listen from here, the discussion lasts 46 minutes. It's also available on iTunes (search Manic Mommies Book Club) or click here to download/listen.

Rating: 4 stars
Source: Personal Copy (Nook)