Review: The Ruins of Us

Why I picked it: I love literary fiction, it's my favorite genre. I also really enjoy novels set in the Middle East and India, the complexities of living in these countries read like another character in a novel for me.

Synopsis: An emotionally resonant story of an American expatriate who discovers that her husband, a Saudi billionaire, has taken a second bride—an emotionally turbulent revelation that blinds them both to their teenaged son's ominous first steps down the road of radicalization. A story of love and betrayal, fundamentalism, family and country in the Middle East.

Type: Fiction

Quick Take: I loved the book and since I hadn't read anything worthy of 5 stars in months... I'm happy to say the drought is over!

The synopsis doesn't due justice for this book.  It's a complicated tale of Rosalie's life, her decision to marry a Saudi Arabian business man, moving from the US to Saudi Arabia to raise a family in a different culture than how she was raised. 

Rosalie lives a blessed life to a billionaire, with two children and a marriage that's comfortable.  Life is no longer exciting, but this all changes the day she goes shopping for a gift for her daughter.  The store owner asks her how she enjoyed a recent gift purchased by her husband.

Told from different perspectives, the story unfolds letting the reader learn more about the culture, social issues, beliefs and the struggle to find balance/peace.

I don't want to share too much of the plot but I would love to read this for book club and discuss it.  If only I could pick every book we read!

Rating: 5 stars
Country: Saudi Arabia
Source: NetGalley