Travel: For the love of London!

Hello Friends,

This is Part II of my father/daughter travel adventure.  Click here to read bout my week at sea.

The Trip: My father booked himself a trip on the QM2 last fall, from NYC to Southampton and a month ago I decided to join him. We spent eight days at sea and survived a week of ‘extremely rough’ seas, followed by three days in Oxford, and three days in London.

London (why I joined my father on this trip): 
I fell in love with William Shakespeare in the ninth grade… this is why I had to come to London.

With only three days to explore, we hired a driver once we got settled (by driver I mean cab).  We had the concierge find someone with knowledge of the city, based on the places we wanted to see.  This is a great way to meet locals, hear stories, and learn about the city.  Bonus... they wait while you run into a Cathedral!  I saw a week’s worth of London in three days, with no stress/pressure (and my father didn’t have to walk).

The Tower of London: I’m related to Anne Boleyn. I guess I take this lightly, thinking everyone is related to someone of great historical importance but my assumption may not be true (based on the comment by our driver).  Anyway, I really wanted to see where she lived, was imprisoned, and where her execution took place.

The distance from the London Bridge to the Tower can be measured in strides, and sits right on the Thames.  St Paul's Cathedral, Castles, and walking the streets of the Great Fire.... it all came to life.  If you haven't been to London and you enjoy history, this is a must see destination.

Don't these headstones look like ghosts?
Highgate Cemetery: Let’s blame Audrey Neffenegger for this fascination. I have wanted to visit Highgate since reading Her Fearful Symmetry. This was a highlight of the trip! It’s spooky (in a good way) - walking down paths of overgrowth, exploring the stones, occasionally hearing blackbird wings whipping in the air high above you, the sounds of an owl, and the voices of children from a park blocks away. I’m going to listen to this book again, can’t wait!

We hired one a driver on our last day to bring us to a few places, including Notting Hill, seeing the dragons that protect the 'city of London'... we were also lucky enough to see the changing of the guard (completely unexpected).  Then to Heathrow for an evening flight home, which isn't anything like what we saw in the Bourne movie series (ha).

Three days is not enough time for this lovely city.  I will be back!