Books: Quiet (read-a-long)

As a young girl/teen my dad would knock on my door, open it, and say 'just checking to make sure you're okay'.  I remember thinking 'why wouldn't I be okay'... he probably thought he was raising a hermit.

Confession, until reading this book I have never thought to label myself as an introvert but rather as a calm, quiet, focused person (I have been told this my entire life, that I'm quiet).  

In one of Joy's posts she references the link between being an introvert and a risk taking (ie: skydiving).  I promise you I'm NOT a risk taker but rather someone who enjoys adventure. Everything I do is carefully researched, planned and executed. I have skydived.

This makes me wonder... do you think I'm a risk taker? I have never thought of myself this way - hmmmm.

Did you know that shyness is the fear of negative judgement and being an introvert is a preference for quiet, minimally stimulating environments?  

I'm late joining Joy's read-a-long so I'm only answering a few questions.  I'm eager to click through to other posts and wonder if any extroverts are reading with us!

Have you read the book? 
Are you surprised to discover I'm a hermit in disguise? 

Let's get to the questions!

What result did you get in the quiz on pages 13 and 14? Are you an introvert, extrovert, or something in between? Were you surprised by the result? I scored 20/20 on the introvert quiz AND I'm shy.  Simply put, I'm most calm when I'm alone or when I'm interacting on my terms. 

Looking at the quiz again, how do you think your closest family members would fill it out? Are they similar to or different from you in the introversion-extroversion spectrum? After reading this book my boisterous husband could be an introvert.  When I asked him if he was aware of this book and the concept he mentioned he has been profiled (of course he has).  He leans toward introvert but has adapted to extrovert in social situations. This ignited a long discussion about work culture, people we know, etc...    

Have you found ways to be extroverted in spite of a tendency toward introversion? How did it work out?  I, like many, have found a path to succeed without letting on that I'm trembling inside. 

Overall, what did you think of the book? I enjoyed the book and am walking away with a comfort level that it's okay to struggle with modern practices, such as collaboration and group think.  It's nice to know I'm not alone with this internal pull, wanting to participate but feeling paralyzed since I prefer to complete projects on my own. 

I'm constantly searching for answers (what if), and as the author mentions... 'solitude is the air I breathe'.  

It's a curious notion that bloggers tend to be introverts.  Blogging is a vehicle that allows us to express ourselves. We are smart, articulate, fun!  Give us a chance to shine, we will surprise you.  We may even come across as extroverts.  

There are many historical figures noted throughout the book.  It's been a long time since I have spent so much time with Gandhi.  Did you know that in the eighth grade I wrote a term paper on Gandhi, my research introduced me to a man of biblical stature? This led me to become a vegetarian, choosing to withhold and be compassionate.  ~ not related to the subject matter we are discussing, but a life altering moment for me. 

~ thank you Joy for hosting this read-a-long.  It's the push I needed to move this to the top of my stack, AND the added bonus of discussion is always welcome.