Book Review: The Good Wife

Normally I share a months worth of reading in one post but my ipad is on holiday (being repaired) which means goodreads isn't updated.

Darn technology!

I have been thinking about books though, specifically... what makes a good book club book. I'm reading a book now that will create good discussion, and there's a series my friends and I keep talking about... Jane Porter's latest collection: The Good Woman, The Good Daughter, and The Good Wife.

These books are full of life moments, from infidelity to illness, motherhood to family order, judgement to learning to forgive.  Jane has a way of writing that draws the reader into the story.

If you haven't read them yet, add them to your list!  The Good Wife is the last book in the series, released just last week.

Synopsis: Sarah’s love for her husband, professional baseball player Boone Walker, is bottomless—so much so that her sisters say it will end up hurting her.  Living apart most of the time makes life difficult, especially since Sarah often wonders whether Boone is sharing his bed with other women on the road, even though he swears he’s been true to her since his infidelity three years ago.  Now, with Boone facing yet another career change, tension rises between the two, and the emotionally exhausted Sarah must choose whether to break free from the past and forgive Boone completely, or leave him behind and start anew. 

Rating: 4 stars and discussion worthy!
Source: personal copy