Travel: Switzerland {Montreux Noel}

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Lovely friends of mine,

Imagine this, my first run in Switzerland landed me in Noel Village! I thought it was high in the mountain side but it's a boardwalk festival.

This winter gal bundled up for a run along the shoreline in Vevey, running to the end, up to the main road and around the corner I saw a Ferris wheel in the distance.

Once I saw the Ferris Wheel, I had to see if this was 'the' Noel Village.

Stopping to explore the booths, grab lunch (pretzel and hot cocoa) and walk home while listening to an audio book and taking it in... I was in heaven.

I remember thinking that I'm standing in Switzerland, looking across the lake to France, I just ran from Vevey to Montreux, to the Noel Village, and then I spotted the Chateau and decided to walk there too!  I crossed off several of my must see items in one morning.

Montreux Noel
Montreux:  Known as the Swiss Riviera, is known for their Jazz Festival but also draws people by the thousands daily for the Noel Village.

A day on spontaneity: Saturday we took the train to Lausanne and the ferry across the lake, to Evian.  Having crepes for lunch and walking through Evian's Christmas Village, with driftwood characters for the kids to climb on and explore. In the evening we went to the Noel Village in Montreux for traditional Swiss fondue with a friend.

It was such a fun evening - drinking glug (hot wine) to stay warm, fondue, shopping the booths (craft fair), sampling edibles, and riding the Ferris Wheel. We even tried Absinthe - which tastes horrible.

Smurfed! As you walk the boardwalk of Montreux you can't help but see a lovely exhibit of wintergreen Smurfs, some standing alone, others creating a scene.  Some people are so creative!

I hope you are enjoying experiencing my Switzerland experience, next we are going on a three country road trip via St Bernard's Pass.