Book Review: Decorate Workshop

Why I picked it: I picked up this book a few years ago, hoping it would help me with the new house.

A few years later it's safe to say I have a blog crush on what Holly Becker does, and how well she does it.  She's comfortable sharing ideas, teaching, and is an inspiration to many artists/designers, and hopefuls (like me).

Synopsis: A companion to Decorate, the international bestseller, this interactive guide takes readers step by step through the decorating process of beloved stylist and blogger Holly Becker. In Decorate Notebook, Becker shares her personal design philosophy and explains how to carry a vision into a finished room, from the early paint swatches to the final accents. Readers will learn how to identify their style, create mood boards, outline a schedule and budget, source materials, and start decorating! Filled with expert tips, important checklists, blank space for making lists and plans, and 250 photographs of gorgeous interiors, plus a pocket at back for stashing swatches and inspiration, this is an essential planner for home decorators whatever their budget.

Quick Take: Holly Becker has created the perfect companion to stylizing the home.  Learning how to create a cohesive space, with the mood you are striving for, can be tricky.  This book breaks down the process and walks you through it step by step.

“Your home should reflect the story of your life and be filled with things that you feel connection to, whether it is a memory, a mood, your values, or how you wish to become in the future.  There is nothing wrong with making your home reflect the person you were, are, and hope to be.” pg 30

Reading this book has given me the focus I need to begin a project properly.  It's a book I plan to keep near as I refresh the house this year.

Here's a sneak peek, sharing a few topics in the book and what I've done:

Identify your project(s): I loved this chapter and found myself walking around my home making a list.  I quickly realized I walk by a bookshelf several times a day without looking at it... a collection of unwanted/unnecessary objects living on shelves.

Some items on my list include: reorganized the bookshelf, paint the dining room, my workspace is getting a 60% overhaul, and I moved all the area rugs to the rooms they actually belong in.

Moving the rugs was a huge project but well worth it.  The outcome… the upholstery on the chairs in my dining room now provide a pop of color.

Make a list: Now that you have identified a project, start making a list (budget, wish vs reality). For me, I'm not looking to buy new furniture so budget isn't an issue.  A few gallons of paint, accessories over time.  I have been collecting treasures from our travels, now it's time to display them.

Pattern: Personally I love pattern in a pillow, not a rug.  This is a chapter I will read over and over while I come to terms with all of the pattern I have inherited.

Please visit Holly's blog decor8.  You can also follow her on pinterest and instagram.  I enjoy watching her get inspired (from finding content to spotlight in a blog post, to building mood boards for a decorating project).

Rating: 5 stars
Source: personal copy