Book Review: Great Little Gifts to Knit

Why I picked it: Learning to read the language of knitting has opened my horizons to the art of 'making'. 

Synopsis: Today's knitters are avid—and busy. Although they love to knit for friends and family, and enjoy trying out new patterns and stitch techniques, they're constantly faced with the challenge of finding enough time to complete their projects.  

Great Little Gifts to Knit solves this problem. Jean Moss, author of Sweet Shawlettes, has designed 30 fun, fresh, beautiful patterns that incorporate traditional knitting techniques from all over the world: from Fair Isle and Aran knits to Peruvian intarsia patterns and Japanese shadow knitting techniques.

Beautiful, clever, and, most of all, quick to knit, these projects offer knitters a chance to learn and experiment with new techniques—all in projects that can be made in less than a weekend.

Quick Take: Take one step into my workspace, and you will find yourself surrounded with skeins of yarns, supplies, patterns, bookshelves and my desk.  I'm enjoying making small items, knowing the difficulty and challenge can be high for me.

This book is filled with lovely projects, of the thirty included I'm planning to make several.  I'm quite excited to make the mittens in the photo; the hat and socks are must make items for me.

Rating: 4 stars
Source: review copy (Netgalley)

A funny moment: The World Traveler came home this week, pleased so see my progress... he looked at a pattern sitting next to the mittens I'm making and said 'are you cheating?'
 I asked what he meant and he thought I invented everything I make! {funny}