Running: time to taper

Hello friends, NYC marathon is less than two weeks away.  I can't believe it. Now I get to rest, run lightly, and eat well.

Last November, on a whim, I entered the lottery for a chance to run the marathon.  It was cyber Monday and the lottery fee was half price, I believe $10. I wouldn't find out if I was selected until late spring.

This means I have been thinking about this run for almost a year, with training kicking off early August. My travels this fall have let me run long runs of thirteen or longer in NJ, Cape Cod, Germany, and Switzerland.

Saturday I capped off training with a 21 mile trail run.  Three seven mile loops of hills.  While leaping left and right to avoid roots, rocks, and leaves, I kept thinking 'this is it'. It's not only my last training run for NYC but it should be my last long run.  I don't have plans to run this distance again unless I have an opportunity to run London.

Sunday I woke up feeling lighter, thinking I'm ready.

Yellow Trail, you will forever own a piece of my heart.  

The start of the NYC marathon: is this photo exciting or overwhelming to you? It's overwhelming to me but now that I'm ready I'm shifting from fright to excitement.  It will be incredible to see the 2014 photo and know I'm there, somewhere!

I'm ready to have a great experience, spend the weekend in the city, roam the Expo (secretly a family favorite).

This will be my 11th official marathon. I have ran more though, alone, on the trails without one person watching... as I trained for the Ultra.

I've got this.